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If you come into this world as a creative or an artist right out of the gate you start the game screwed! There’s no clear resource to help you succeed & the first thing you’re told before you even begin is: "You can’t make any money doing THAT. You better figure out something else to do with your life!" Through Camp Shark Smarts, we want to offer a new answer.

* Camp Shark Smarts is an educational program that equips creatives with the training they need to turn their craft into a career.

* After spending the past 2 years developing it, we’re now headed to the finish line and will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo in the summer of 2021.

* To start building momentum for our campaign, we've officially pre-launched and are accepting contributions that will be deposited on our campaign launch date later this summer!
* Anything you can contribute now will help set the tone for the funding process once the campaign launches.

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* All contributions will go directly towards the campaign when it launches.
We've Officially Pre-Launched!
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